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Making digital commerce trustworthy through blockchain, AI, and you

To empower people and end counterfeiting on E-commerce, we will involve everyone on the internet and combine the strength of blockchain and AI to create trust in online shopping.

simplyBrand Ecosystem

Combining the power of blockchain, AI, and crowdsourcing to end online counterfeiting once and for all.

AI Technology & Machine Learning

With simplyBrand's established AI and machine learning technology, our platform will effectively acquire new data and verify counterfeit product information, resulting in a more efficient way to fight counterfeits online.

Blockchain Technology

Leveraging the immutable and distributed features of blockchain technology, simplyBrand will publish the blacklist on the blockchain and effectively reduce the actions of counterfeit retailers by increasing their cost of business and creating new barriers to their continued operations.



Brands will use the simplyBrand platform to request brand-protection services.
Human Layer will directly report counterfeit products, or work with the AI to verify the authenticity of E-commerce products. Human layer would consist of crowdsource participants and third-party service providers who do the enforcement job.
The simplyBrand platform will combine AI, human ingenuity and blockchain technology which will be used to create an immutable “blacklist” of counterfeit product.
The SBA tokens within the blockchain will incentivize human layer to utilize the simplyBrand platform.

Process Flow 1


E-commerce platforms will be scanned constantly for product data to create an ever-expanding database with millions of product profiles.

Process Flow 2


The data will be analyzed using AI, Natural Language Processing, semantic analysis, image recognition technology and Human layer to verify whether a given product is genuine or counterfeit.

Process Flow 3


After a product is determined to be a counterfeit, Third-party will be able to access the product information, remove offending product pages and report the status of their work to the platform and claim their rewards.


SBA Token

Human layer will receive tokens as rewards and can either use them to purchase brand privileged items on simplyBrand platform or sell them on exchange.
Brands can buy tokens from exchange, and purchase brand-protection services on simplyBrand platform.

Possible lost Revenue
Proof of Concept 1

Impact Calculator

The simplyBrand ecosystem helps brands to measure the possible loss of revenue on online marketplaces.
The system will work to provide transparency within e-commerce to allow brands to further their understanding of the extent of counterfeiting and how to end the problem.

Proof of Concept 2

Counterfeit Risk Detector

With the counterfeit risk detector, anyone can easily submit a product URL and the simplyBrand platform will evaluate the risk of it being counterfeit through a percentage score.

Try It !
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Dapp MVP

Contribute with ease and fun

Anyone can become an anti-counterfeiting expert through the simplyBrand Dapp by allowing you to contribute to your favorite brand, earn tokens and exclusive products.
It's easy to sign up and start your anti-counterfeiting journey while earning SBA tokens. Each brand will provide special products or services as rewards which can be exchanged for SBA tokens in the Dapp.



simplyBrand started to provide big data and AI solution for brands


Anticipated anti-counterfeit demand from existing customers, received RFP


Kickoff blockchain solution project with marketplace verification MVP


Crowdsourcing MVP


PoC1 Impact Calculator


PoC2 Counterfeit Risk Detector


SaaS application for Brands and Blacklist on Blockchain release


SaaS application for Enforcement Agencies online


Verification - Crowdsourcing online


Integrates 3rd parties application online


Kaufman Chang


Ronnie Ng


Frank Shi

Technical Director

Aleen Zhang

Product Director

Ada Yao

Research Director

Rita Yang

Head of Business Development

Hsin-Chi Tsao

Design Director


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